Corerig Asphalt drill trailer


The T-1000 Coring System offers the most flexible means of sampling concrete and asphalt pavements available. This self-powered Core Rig trailer features a Milwaukee two-speed transmission coring motor and articulating arm providing 10 square feet of coring area.

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Finally, A Core Rig As Efficient And Professional As You Are


  • Completely self-contained power supply, utilizing a 5200-watt generator (3)
  • Patented articulating arm provides 10 square feet of coring area allowing for a 44-inch lateral movement and a 33-inch longitudinal movement, which provides faster targeting of coring locations
  • Reduced set-up time at each location

Large Drilling Area


  • The T-1000 Coring System enables the sampling of Concrete, Asphalt and other pavements
  • 14 cubic foot lockable cabinet provides convenient storage with theft protection
  • 5 position adjustable 2 5/16" ball couple
  • 1 year warranty plus full manufacturers' warranties


  • 48 inch directional traffic control yellow arrow board for added safety, 66 inches above ground level (2)
  • Electric brake
  • Area lighting for night work
  • 35-gallon water tank with pressure sensing electric pump
  • Water & power controls are located on the drill motor control box
  • Reliable Milwaukee coring motor with a two-speed transmission (1)
  • Increased down pressure decreases drilling time


  • Custom paint
  • Electric start generator
  • Water recovery vacuum system
  • Full line of core bits
  • Core cut-off saw
  • Canvas weather proof covers
  • Diamond plate